Testimonials Guided Conscious Touch & Ritual Play with Cloud Zürich, 28. Oktober 2022

For this workshop, I teamed up with  Kasia & Alp from Cloud. Together with a fabulous group we dove into the four elements of touch, inquired into the meeting point between us, and indulged in several rounds of ritual play.

„I enjoyed Jasmins facilitation on the last cloud experiment event in Zürich and was amazed about the playful concept of Ritual Play.“ U.B.

„I am very happy and grateful for this event with Jasmin and Kasia and Alp. I felt safe and I could feel that they really know what they are doing and what is happening in the group. This fact itself is very unique and outstanding. The presence, guidance and quality of information and the delivery of all those elements was kind and clear and I am very touched by this. I would recommend the events to everyone who is willing to know more about themselves and who wants to learn about emotional connection and intimacy in a fun, easy and cheerful way. Great work and outstanding offer.“ N.K.